Incan King

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Alpaca Details

  • Type: Stud Male
  • Breed: Huacaya
  • Colour: Brown
  • Age: 5 Year(s)
  • Status: Not For Sale

Fleece Details

  • Fleece No.: 5
  • Mean Fibre Diameter: 23.00 µm
  • Standard Deviation: 4.40
  • Coefficient of Variation: 19.10%
  • Comfort Factor: 94 %
  • WT. Blanket: 0.00 Kg
  • Maturity Coefficient: 0.03
  • Brightness/Lustre: 9
  • Crimp: 9
  • Staple Definition: 9
  • Staple Length: 9
  • Handle:
  • Coverage:
  • Spin Fineness: 0.00 µm
  • Curvature: 0.00 deg/mm

Incan King - Reference Only

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Even the most cursory glance will tell you that Incan King is the new standard for coloured alpacas.  His perfect conformation and head shape are complimented by the sort of fleece that would blow you away if it was in a white alpaca, never mind brown.  It is an exceptionally fine fleece, with a high-frequency crimp style that runs right across the whole of his body and is so dense that his cutting weight is around twice our current average.  It’s hardly surprising therefore that he took the Colour Championships at the US Futurity and International Alpaca Odyssey shows in 2007 and scooped the AOBA in 2008.  As you would expect his pedigree, which includes Hemingway, Bueno and of course XXXtreme is impeccable; and with black, fawn and brown grand-parents has to be the first choice of sire for anyone serious about breeding coloured alpacas.

Fleece No. 1 2 3 4 5
Mean Fibre Diameter 19.3 20.6 18.5 na 23.0
Standard Deviation 4.0 4.1 3.4 na 4.4
Coefficient of Variation 20.8 19.9 18.2 na 19.1
Comfort Factor (%) 97.8 97.1 99.4 na 93.9
Curvature (deg/mm) 41.1 42.3 49.6 na na
Maturity Coefficient     0.03 na  

Snowmass Incan King is no longer standing at stud at Melford Green, but his details are displayed for reference reasons for both cria and pregnant females we are currently offering for sale.