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Alpaca Details

  • Type: Stud Male
  • Breed: Huacaya
  • Colour: White
  • Age: 6 Year(s)
  • Status: Sold

Fleece Details

  • Fleece No.: 6
  • Mean Fibre Diameter: 25.10 µm
  • Standard Deviation: 4.90
  • Coefficient of Variation: 19.60%
  • Comfort Factor: 90 %
  • WT. Blanket: 2.26 Kg
  • Maturity Coefficient: 0.00
  • Brightness/Lustre: 9
  • Crimp: 8
  • Staple Definition: 8
  • Staple Length: 8
  • Handle:
  • Coverage:
  • Spin Fineness: 23.10 µm
  • Curvature: 41.30 deg/mm

Melford Green Fergus

Fergus is a extremely good-looking male with perfect phenotype and super-elite fleece characteristics combining highly advanced crimp style with fineness and a truly sublime handle.  Fergus has a pedigree that combines the super fine flecces of Bozedown Tudor (sire of our award winning Melford Green Sean) and Unique, our top Australian import who consistantly produces some of our best show winning cria.

The choice of white male, where compact, true phenotype, with showy fleece and good maturity characteristics are required.

No longer part of our main stud string - Fergus is now being offered a a proven male that would bring a great deal of character to any hobby farm.

Mean fibre diameter