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Alpaca Details

  • Type: Pregnant Female
  • Breed: Huacaya
  • Colour: White
  • Age: 3 Year(s)
  • Status: Sold

Fleece Details

  • Fleece No.: 3
  • Mean Fibre Diameter: 20.90 µm
  • Standard Deviation: 4.50
  • Coefficient of Variation: 21.60%
  • Comfort Factor: 97 %
  • WT. Blanket: 2.06 Kg
  • Maturity Coefficient: 0.00
  • Brightness/Lustre: 9
  • Crimp: 8
  • Staple Definition: 8
  • Staple Length: 8
  • Handle:
  • Coverage:
  • Spin Fineness: 0.00 µm
  • Curvature: 0.00 deg/mm

Bérénice is a truly fabulous female with a wealth of top genetics and just one of a hand full of animals in the UK that combine Snowmass genetics with that of Ascendant – so not surprisingly offers a dense super-fine, showy fleece.  Her bright merino style fleece is combined with stunning confirmation and head type – and represents the style of animal Melford Green have worked hard to produce.

Bérénice’s Dam is Melford Green Ginny, who in turn was sired by Snowmass Invincibly Elite the most successful of the 2012 Snowmass import, who passes on not just fine, dense fleece, but a host of top genes including Invincible (maternal brother to Quechua – sire of Matrix, Best Man and Elite Legend), Hemingway and Caligula.   

Sired by 2013 & 2015 BAS National Supreme & Futurity Champion, Bozedown Ascendant, this side of her pedigree brings Jolimont Rodrigo and Bozedown Galaxy into one super-star package.  A fabulous opportunity to buy into a host of elite genetics that would enhance any breeding programme. 

We have mated her to Malford Green Manitou, whose cria are consistantly showy, full of vigour and have great preseence.  All in all - with Ascendant and double Snowmass - her cria should be quite spectacular.

Mean fibre diameter