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Alpaca Details

  • Type: Female with Male Cria at foot
  • Breed: Huacaya
  • Colour: White
  • Age: 10 Year(s)
  • Status: For Sale

Fleece Details

  • Fleece No.: 9
  • Mean Fibre Diameter: 24.30 µm
  • Standard Deviation: 4.40
  • Coefficient of Variation: 18.20%
  • Comfort Factor: 90 %
  • WT. Blanket: 0.00 Kg
  • Maturity Coefficient: 3.20
  • Brightness/Lustre: 8
  • Crimp: 7
  • Staple Definition: 7
  • Staple Length: 7
  • Handle:
  • Coverage:
  • Spin Fineness: 0.00 µm
  • Curvature: 36.60 deg/mm

Aryana has been at the very centre of our core breeding herd for many years - hardly suprising given her fleece stats -  but now is the time to offer her for sale / retire her.

A compact female with super fleece qualities, including excellent maturity coefficients. Aryana has produced a number of our show winning animals including Henry (4th BAS National) as well as some of very favourite animals e.g. Tanya our Appaloosa Milo and Brosnan.

This year's cria is a bold, lively individual called Gallagher.  His name was taken from the excellent Manchester appeal concert from by Ariana Grande and all proceeds from the sale of him will go to the fund.

Sold on the basis that this was her last pregancy - we are looking for a caring home for her...

Mean fibre diameter